• Lissa Ng

INNOVATION - VR - Build An Apartment

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Build an Apartment is final course project from Udacity, it was a great introduction to material and textures. In this project I had the opportunity to play more in deep with 3D models by increasing its sizes and changing their position in the environment. The kitchen section took me a little longer than expected because the top drawers are next to each other, this taught me to use the inspector for more accurate position instead of the mouse.

The Apartment is designed in a simple way. Animations was introduced as well, to make the project challenging the world globe was required to be animated, for this I used rotation 360 and created a loop to it, a click is needed to start and stop the animation.

Design Process

There was no need to design or sketch in this project because it was already provided. I followed a mockup and all the assets were provided.

Break down of the final build

The VR app starts with the player in front of the TV, in the living room. From there you can turn around and click on the globe so it starts the animation.


This VR project was really fun because I got to play even more around Unity3D and the models. I also like animating objects, makes it feel more like real life.

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