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STORY TIME - Starry sky

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I grew up where there were only a few hours with electricity a day.

We had to fill water into cooking pots and buckets just so we had enough water to bath in the day. (Usually, you would turn on the pump machine to get water)

We would do homework at night with a few candles on the table. And its probably the reason I'm so blind? 🤷‍♀️

Summer was so hot without a fan, and I would wake up in the middle of the night soaking wet in sweat... Sometimes the fan would blow hot air though... 🔥

This also meant, quiet (I used to live next to a club, so I would listen to bachata and merengue to sleep, I joke it was my lullaby 😂)

I used to LOVE the nights when it rained, nights were cooler, the sound of rain... oh boy, take me back!! 🙏

It also meant we would go to the rooftop and lay down with the whole gang, and look up the Starry sky.

My parents would talk, my siblings and I would argue, laugh at each other, and talk kids stuff.

Sometimes we just counted the stars, we would name them, we would wonder if there was more to what we could see.

I felt so much peace, it humbled me, and I felt so much love from God, the universe, mother earth.

My dad once took me to the rooftop after I had a big scare with my cat (another story) to look at the sky and I remember we fell asleep as he talked to me, I don't remember what he said, my Cantonese wasn't good (still isn't 😅) but it was soothing ❤️

Last weekend I was in Burlington, and we were outside because I have been in the city for so long, I did not look up the sky until very late at night, but I'm glad I did.

I enjoyed it so much! I tried taking a picture with my phone and add some filters.

I had to post ❤️ I will look back and remember this, my childhood, the emotions.

Do you have any memories come to you when you see at the Starry sky?

If so, leave me some ✨✨


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