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Before I decided to talk about Mental Health, my own journey.

I had a lot of doubt if I should.

I #asked myself:

👉if I could deal with the fact that some people would treat me different

👉if I could deal with the fact that people would feel different when engaging with me

👉If I could deal with the judgment when I feel at my lowest (I usually don't care, but I'm human).

And they happened. No hate though. I understand why. #stigma

The reason the above happens is that NOBODY (most people) wants to be open about it. So nobody (most people) knows how to deal with it, they don't know how to support, therefore the people that decide to be open get treated differently and choose to go #silent and it's a #viciouscycle

Being as open and real as I am, it's not an easy thing to do. Many times I have thought of stopping, sometimes it gets hard (low points)

The reason I chose to do it, was because I #answered myself :

✨That I would make someone and myself feel that we are not alone.

✨That I would see #compassion and #kindness

✨That I would learn and teach others on how to be supportive

Then these happened and gave me more power:

✨That I would see people that (like me before) used to #judge and choose to understand so they ask me

✨That I would be approached and hear a lot of "thank you" "I appreciate you" "what you are doing means a lot to me" "what you are doing is very personal to me" "you inspire/motivate me"

✨That I would #receive so much LOVE.

✨That I would #give so much #LOVE.

It's also the best, most rewarding and freeing feeling I have ever done :)

I appreciate each one of you, thank you for loving my #locaness 👊🙈

I choose to do this on this platform, it's my way to speak up and hopefully make an impact. To bring #awareness

Y'all my therapist, I'm kidding haha! This is the after, I wouldn't be able to make any sense. Wait... Do I make sense? 😂🙃

Do what works for you, all I ask is don't stay *silent. I ask you to please #SpeakUp #askforhelp. It won't be easy but sure is #worthit#inthistogether


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