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Inspire and be inspired

This week the Facebook Developer Circles family had more reasons to celebrate. As part of the leadership team for Toronto, my experience has been to always celebrate the community and the members, and just like my other co-leaders around the world.

This week, the leadership team was celebrated.

Since I started with the community, as a member first, a lot of success has come my way. And that is a product of my work and the incredible support that comes with being part of the family.

I will tell you it wasn't always like this, I had been to communities where I did not feel welcomed, to the point of me thinking that I did not belong anywhere. And I felt hopeless.

Facebook Developer Circles has been successful because of its people because you are welcomed regardless of who you are as long as you reciprocate the good vibes :)

In our community, we celebrate those that want to give back, we support and want to see win those that are curious.
Join the fam, and don't be shy, we promise we will have you as you are (As long as you are respectful and don't hurt anybody)

This week I was awarded by my peers, other leaders around the world, and the team that makes this beautiful community happen as "Most Inspiring Lead" alongside other awesome people that inspire me every single day. I know what a frikin' honor.

I feel so grateful, and I had posted on Instagram about it along with a few things that happened

I truly believe that each one of us is here for a reason, we meet people for a reason. And I might not know sometimes, most of the times what is that reason, but something I am sure of, that if I want to live a fulfilling life, is to serve others and to make a positive impact, and I have to find what ticks, what clicks, what keeps me awake at night, what is that thing that happened to me, that was not positive, to not happen to another person.

I proudly say I am my own inspiration, but I also have to say this community inspires me. Motivates me to keep pushing. To see how others improve, work on themselves, and how they all serve without expecting nothing but their own satisfaction of giving.

I also like to say that by doing this, I selfishly do it for me, because it makes ME feel good.

If you are struggling with looking at what ticks in you, or how you can make a positive impact, reach out :)

I hope you only look back to see how much you have grown in whichever aspect of your life or all of them.

Abrazos, mi gente.


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