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IGTV Show - K-Pop Culture And Covers - Como e' la cosa Series

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

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I know Venecia, la flaca how we lovingly call her, from my high school back in the Dominican Republic, she was from the same graduating year as my sister.

I used to get to school and always hang out with her and Nataly, she used hug me with so much happiness every time she saw me.

She is a very talented artist, who can draw beautifully, she can draw anime professionally! She also is part of a dance group that does K-pop covers.

I have listening songs here and there and I have witnessed people going cray over the whole K-pop thing. So I brought la flaca to talk about it, who by the way is a lawyer! ;-) <------- Do not allow anyone to tell you, you don't look or you shouldn't do something because of other factors, especially if this has to do with "what would people think"

Venecia sees this as a hobby and something she does for fun. However, all the work and energy that needs to put in to bring a great performance takes a lot! Things we mentioned that we have or had in common, was that choreography is hard to learn and the steps as well.

When doing covers for a group, you have to become the character of the member you are representing so the audience knows "who you are".

This is dancing and acting at the same time. She takes pride that her group is not able to meet as much as they would like to because they all are working adults but still were able to pull off the show every time.

One thing to remember is that female and male choreography is completely different and they are both unique.

The Korean embassy runs a talent show to choose a winning team so Cover groups can represent in Korea to compete with other countries. I found this really awesome, how freaking cool is that? :D

I wondered about the facts about Kpop artists, I have heard that they are not allowed to date other people that are not in the industry. Venecia said that before it was worst, they couldn't date at all. And the reason is that Korea has, we will call it very passionate fans. There have been many cases of suicide because of the lives they have to live. They are constantly under supervision and control, aggressively harassed by the public, threatened by haters that have caused a lot of anxiety and depression.

Another thing about K-pop that blows my mind is how many members they have in a group! When I first saw a video, I thought some were backup dancers.

I have been obsessed with "How you like that" thanks to Tiktok :P

Head to Venecia's group youtube to watch their performances

Do you have anything else to share? What do you find interesting about K-pop?

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