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IGTV Show - Owning his life after a traumatic childhood - Como e' la cosa Series

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

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I met Jorge at North America Lead Summit where we are both part of the leadership team for the Facebook Developer Circles.

We all got together in New York City and it was the best week ever.

We all met each other and bonded!

My impression of Jorge was that he was a good person, very nice and polite!

He had told me a little bit about his work, he mentioned how he was part of a homeless shelter and asked me about how we could bring tech for Mental Health.

We had also worked together in hackathons and he has been a big help for me figuring out WordPress, haha!

Jorge witnessed his parents being shot right in front of his eyes when he was playing outside the house, he remembers he ran quickly to grab a sweater to cover his mother wound, unfortunately, his father bled out and did not make it.

He used to have nightmare episodes from this traumatic experience, as a kid, it is a lot to go through.

His mother later passed due to depression when Jorge was 10. He said how he felt like both pillars that were supposed to be there to support him. Therefore, his mindset changed that he only had himself to care for him, although he had many families supporting him.

Jorge went through a lot of obstacles, he was born in California and moved without legal papers to Mexico, so he did not start school until he was 8.

His godparents invited him to move to the United States throughout the years, one day, he asked his boss to a day off for him to run the errands of getting information about them because it was busy, his boss did not allow him and he was upset on because he couldn't go, right at that moment, a car pulls in front of the store and his grandparents were there to help him and go together to the US.

The moral of the story is, everything happens for a reason. Sometimes a no means not yet, sometimes a no means there is something better, sometimes a no means it's worth the wait.

Set goals for yourself, and listen to your gut. Jorge had the plans to go to the University of Nebraska in Omaha, he received plenty of offers from other universities, and even though he hadn't received the acceptance letter of the one he wanted, he said no to the others. Because he felt a strong pull that was the place he was supposed to go. He advises to focus on that and not let other things distract you from where you want to go.

This led him to meet professor Maggie, the one person he feels extremely grateful for, for believing in him and for pushing him to do more. Jorge said that in life, find that ONE person that truly believes and supports you, and this will change positively the course of your life.

Jorge is the first Hispanic Latino to earn the Tech IT Innovation from the University of Nebraska and was also FEATURED by Facebook #representing

Today, Jorge works at a homeless shelter as the Tech Director, he is running a program called "Moqita" in collaboration with the University of Nebraska to teach Python and Cobol, while they earn a salary while learning. As well as partnering with companies to offer jobs.

The challenges homeless people face is to change their habits of living in the streets. The day to day, like paying the bills, although they are provided with a place to stay with a bed, they would sleep on the floors. And their mental health due to traumatic past and life events.

One thing that I personally would rather do when it comes to helping the homeless is to provide them food, I do not like to give money because I do not know the person and do not know where this would be spent. I have heard many stories, where people use this as a business, buying things that hurt them more. There is an article I read a few years ago, where they mentioned that "mothers" in the street asking for money with a child "sleeping" is actually from a gang. They "hire" women and kidnap children to do these "jobs", kids are given drugs and alcohol to keep them "sleeping" all the time. Sometimes they die of an overdose. Knowing this and as I type it, as a mother, breaks my heart.

There is a LOT of problems in the world, and we as one, can't solve them all, I say, choose to solve the ones that resonate with you. For me, are Mental Health and Empowering Women.

We need more people like Jorge, like you, to bring solutions, to be part of them, for a better world and for a better society.

I'd love to know what do you care about and what are you passionate about :)

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