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IGTV Show - Stories About The Law Of Attraction - Como e' la cosa Series

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

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I met Jessica here in Toronto, and when we got the chance to talk 1 on 1 our energy and vibration matched!

She has been someone to spend a good time with, to be able to be yourself and without judgment, those are hard people to find.

We did not talk about the Law of attraction until recently.

Jessica read "The Secret" book in her teens but everything sounded fictitious to her. One day she and her family went on a trip and everything seemed to be going wrong. The weather was cloudy, the food was bad, and a car accident happened. The negativity was overwhelming.

She decided to read the book once again and this time, a lot made sense. She realized how things happening to her were related to how she used to think. She was pessimistic and was depressed most of the time.

A dream of hers was to move to another country but one thing stopped her, her negative mindset, she focused too much on what she did not have to proceed. After the book and be able to connect with it, she decided to put in her mind that she will and she would found out how, and around that time she saw an ad that said: "Move to Canada".

That was her sign, that was the Universe sending her signals. She is today living in Toronto and working full time at an International company in the e-commerce business :)

For me, it happened in 2019, I decided to go to competitions because I loved Virtual Reality and something in me wanted to build a lot of projects. When I did, my first hackathon we got honorary mentions and a job opportunity. And for the second, we won first place with Facebook Developer Circles, got invited to F8 Facebook's Global Conference, and MenallyVR was born!

I also met someone that gave their ticket to go to Collision Conference, my second conference, this was different because I got to meet and talk to different entrepreneurs showcasing their startups. I was so inspired that I told myself "I will have my own booth next year". Something even better happened for me, MentallyVR got accepted to be at the startup hub for Forbes Under 30, only 55 selected out of 3,000 applicants. Forbes was a dream of mine since I heard Bruno Mars' song of becoming a millionaire. I am not a millionaire, yet. But my project was a finalist nominee for health.

Things just happened for me as I was very occupied with reaching my goals.

We spoke about knowing yourself and knowing what is that you really want. Write it down and let the Universe do the rest.

Visualize, visualization, and feeling the emotions of being there where you want to be. Create a board with everything you want to accomplish, and this be the first thing you see in the morning when you wake up and the last thing you see before you sleep.

Make sure to be as specific and detailed as possible. What kind of friend you would like to have? what kind of feeling you would like to feel when interacting with them? what needs would it fill for you?

Being this self-aware makes you highly intuitive and empathetic, you make better decisions based on what feels right for you and you understand others better, not looking at things from your perspective but also others'. This helps with letting go, forgiving people, and not expecting things in return, most important your peace.

As empaths, we have to make sure that we feel and understand but we have to stop carrying. We tend to absorb all energies and this can affect us negatively. Also, make sure to watch for actions and not words, toxic people are attracted to us and if you are also an optimist, this can get tricky to identify.

Change your surroundings, this means, your social media feed, who do you interact with, your job. I admitted, that I feel somehow bitter when someone that hurt or mistreated me before is doing something that I wanted to do. I do not wish them evil, but I do wonder how does the Universe is splitting the good stuff around :P

I first told myself, remove everything and everyone that brings any sort of negative emotion. For the rest, I like to see them as a sign, I always wanted to go to Bali, if I see someone's picture, this is a sign from the Universe! haha! I hope I'm right!

Learning to say NO, teaching others how to treat you, setting boundaries (my girl Anna from NYC is the one that brings these a lot! and I appreciate the reminders).

So, know yourself, learn about you, meditate, set goals (as small as they seem, like waking up at 6 am for a week).

An advise Jessica shared with us was "Do not worry, stay busy"

Have you heard of the Law of attraction? What are your thoughts? What is your experience with it?

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