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INNOVATION - Winners - Global Hackathon - Solutions for COVID-19

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

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#Inspiration & Welcome

Hello! We are Bacty Bot, this project is for Facebook’s COVID-19 global online hackathon.

Today the world is facing one of the biggest challenges, Corona Virus, as of right now 663K confirmed cases, and spreading quickly & exponentially, just in the United States with numbers from 1 to 100 in 2 weeks and to then to 1000 a week later

Hospitals are collapsing because of the overwhelming request for medical services related to this pandemic.

Problems we are seeing :

1) Healthy individuals with a lack of knowledge and inaccurate information unnecessarily going to the hospital with the risk of being exposed to the virus

2) Waiting times prolonged for people that need immediate attention

3) Lack of personnel, locally 4) Hospitals Exceeding their capacity & resources with non-emergency cases.

That is why we created Bacty Bot, a virtual assistant that connects possible CoronaVirus victims with health Professionals & volunteers around the world, and accurate information & resources through Whatsapp & Messenger.

What we are solving:

  1. Individuals have access to real and accurate information about COVID19

  2. Users get connected with a health professional that will provide more information according to their specific situation, avoiding a healthy person to go out and be exposed as well as victims with not life-threatening cases

  3. Bringing a network of health professionals from around the world working together, becoming 1, #inthistogether

#What it does

Through a virtual assistant for Messenger and WhatsApp we provide non-emergency support, using Natural Language Processing models to understand how the users feels during the day, for example:

Case #1 :

User says: "Bad, I feel very sick," I think that I'm infected Please connect me with a Telemedicine Volunteer

Marie resides in a remote town in the Andes in Chile, and during several weeks she presented pronounced cough and headaches. So, she worries, and decides to consult a doctor. She will be able to turn on her phone and use Whatsapp or Messenger in which she already uses daily and will detail her symptoms and then be connected to a health professional regardless of being 7300 KM away from the nearest hospital located in Mexico City

Case #2:

User says: "I'm ok, just looking for information" Laura lives in Santiago, Chile and wants accurate and concrete information of COVID19 such as most recent news, locate near Hospitals, Test Labs, find Food and Hygiene products or identify Fake news.

Case #3

User says: "I want to become a Volunteer" Doctors, Pharmaceutics, Psychologists, among other health workers can become members of our Volunteer Global Telemedicine network. Become a Hero

#How we built it

We connect Natural Language Processing models to FB messenger and Whatsapp API to capture Parameters from the conversations to understand and identify the user’s needs

#Challenges we ran into

We thought of different case scenarios and the biggest challenge was where the patient needed their temperature measured, this being a challenge on how we could provide this information digitally.

Thankfully there are Thermometer apps that uses infrared sensors to measure temperatures

#Accomplishment we are proud of

We are so proud of bringing a solution to the world by using technology that is already accessible, their phones, and apps they use daily. ALL in the palm of their hands.

We are also very proud of how well we have worked together regardless of being in different countries and being FROM different cultures and diverse backgrounds.

Our goal is to bring help and make the current situation better, and to prove that we can bring everyone and work together with the same mission

#What we learned

We learned that currently in the United States 27M people are not covered with insurance and 10 M only have basic health plans, costing them hundreds of dollars each medical consultation

As a team we shared ideas, brainstormed, and did design thinking sessions. We learned deeper about chatbots and how the population benefits from it.

We know for sure that Bacty Bot will make an impact and help a lot of people in these challenging times

#What’s next & closing words We ask for you to bring this project to everyone you know, someone might desperately need the help and someone somewhere else would be able to provide help.

We are looking to build, the health professional network and have people use Bacty Bot to identify symptoms, accurate information, and resources

Which organizations our project could potentially benefit?

We thought of what would be the best technology to access the masses, so we developed a virtual assistant that runs on FB Messenger, with 1.3 billion monthly active users & Whatsapp with 1.5 billion monthly active users. Organizations across the world, private and public sectors will benefit from this, to be more specific World Health Organization, United Nations, Governments, the Red Cross, Hospitals, Non-profit Organizations, to mention some of them.

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