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IGTV Show - My new Instagram Live Series in Español - Como e' la cosa

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

The last few months my mental health decreased exponentially, I started going back to sleep a lot, I thought at first it was because I was very tired. But this happened every day for 3 months.

I have been dealing with a lot in my personal life, and when this is not in order everything else falls apart.

Friends and family reached out to me and I will push them away. I would cancel meeting with people last minute because I felt like I was not at my best.

I have been very open about that journey on my Instagram

And I will say this again and again because even though it might not be much for them to do, for me it means the world.

I appreciate so much the people that have stayed with me. I appreciate that even though I had said last minute I don't wanna go anymore, they would insist and eventually, I would go and I would be so glad I did.

I appreciate those that even though I do not respond, you still send me some love messages here and there, and this is actually something I do as well :D

Thank you for being with me. For understanding me, for thinking the best of me. For SEEING me, for loving me.

Como e' la cosa

It's an Instagram live series where I talk to real people, they share their stories and passions - in Spanish.

I started to speak to people and friends that I have not talked to in a long time. From these conversations I would feel great, we would have real conversations.

When I spoke to another person I would share the knowledge and experiences of others. Because of this, I asked myself "Why am I not recording these calls?!" I could look back to them and I could also share them.

Another of my goals is to bring more awareness about #mentalhealth in the Hispanic - Latino community and in these conversations we talk a little bit about it - if it feels safe and comfortable.

I'm very curious and always asking why I like learning new things and have that brain of mine stimulated.

This is an opportunity for me to learn different things.

We are being #realraw and sometimes we will challenge our way of thinking 🤯

The name in Spanish means "How things are" basically, I want to talk and say everything how things are, no BS, real talk.

And if you add "?" to it, it would be like me asking more in-depth about something new that I am learning about.

This name was just perfect for this series! -----> Check my post about this on my IG

This is great if you want to practice your listening skills in Spanish! :D

I am doing this as a hobby, for fun, for me. My goal is to feel inspired and motivated, and hope you will too :)

I would love your support, like it, share it, LOVE it. I wanna hear what do you think about it

If you know of anyone that's #goodvibes, doing what they #love, is #positive, speak #spanish (lol), send them my way! <3

Live will happen on my personal account @LissaNgS_ and full episodes will also be posted on my feed, and highlights will be posted on @comoelacosa #reel

Personal: @LissaNgS_

Instagram: @comoelacosa

Facebook: @comoelacosa Much LOVE,


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