• Lissa Ng

INNOVATION - Chatbot to digitalize Ontario's Small and Medium Businesses

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

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SME businesses, being 99.8%, play a big economic role in Canada; creating more than 65% of employment as of 2019.

The lockdown has forced businesses to reduce activities and as a result lay-offs, and unfortunately, bankruptcy.

Some Facts:

-99.8% of #SME businesses across Canada

-SME play a major role in Europe's Economy creating more than 65% of jobs as of 2019

-More than half of our country's business owners are over 50 yrs old

-More than 50% of these companies lack the technology knowledge

-#WhatsApp is the most used chat app worldwide with 1.5 Billion active users

ChatLaunch connects SME with local consumers creating, generating, and increasing sales by simply #typing

ChatLaunch was a project created for the EUvsVirus competition, we received a lot of good feedback and were encouraged to apply this solution in our country.

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