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INNOVATION - Honorary Mentions Accenture - AR - ChemAR

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

The project received honorable mention amongst ~300 groups that participated by Accenture at The Ellehacks Hackathon.

I had the opportunity to participate in a hackathon where my team decided to go with a project I had in mind a long time ago. As a parent I'm constantly thinking about how to use tech to teach, learn and bond with my children and ChemAR is a great interactive way to do it.

Everyday more people and kids have access to new technology. We as developers that care about the future is our job to find ways to provide applications that will add something positive to the users. ChemAR is an app that identifies and provides the Chemical structure of molecules or solids. As of right now it identifies specific images but the goal is to scan 3D models and add it to the data base so it can identify real life objects.

Design Process

At first I sketched an app where there were buttons that showed the periodic table elements and be able to mix them together, something like being in a real lab kinda thing. we were challenged with a short period of time so we decided to keep it simpler, for now but that will work with a couple of images.

Break down of the final build

The AR app opens to a regular camera, Vuforia (AR software) identifies the specific image that is on the data base and with the help of Unity3D we apply the molecular structure image that belongs to that specific image.

Visit Vuforia AR Image Targets to know more about how Vuforia works.


AR is definitely going to change how we look at things in the real world. Being able to create such a creative and educational app felt like a great accomplishment. I hope I will be able to expand my knowledge more and create even more challenging applications.

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